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The Art

 It is not necessary to be very intelligent, nor is it necessary to have intelligence to see that it is unbelievable that a political representation, due to its inability to govern and propose economic solutions, generates disagreements between social sectors as an argument for its interference.  So criminal is the use of viruses to exterminate social classes, it is transferring the low-income population the responsibility and blame for the lack of governability in the Federal Government's administrative management, by criminalizing the low-income population and taxing the poor population without character  government support, many of whom voted for that same President.

 Noble and honorable would be to accept that we are facing social, economic and public health collapses to unite the people of all purchasing powers to eradicate the expansion of a micro organism that eliminates the lives of people who struggle to keep life healthy and happy, regardless of  economic classes.  Blaming the needy population or leaving it at the mercy of various contaminations in the name of an economic project which was not even idealized, is to make an extermination policy, is to use death as an administrative resource of the State with an obscure and diabolical purpose.  Those who opportunely accept or encourage it, are no less murderers due to the complicity of this genocidal practice.  Poverty is resolved with socio-economic projects and policies for inclusion and income generation that meet the needs of life, the individual and society.  What use would Politics and Economics have if it killed enough?  If Politics and Economics exist, it is to watch over life with all its diversities and with Art to exalt the wonders of the divine existence of beings of human nature, fauna and flora!  What use would an Art that is built on dead bodies and sadness, what beauty could that Art demonstrate?  If reality is only death, Art to be Art would have to interpret reality representing only death, or it would be a simulacrum that distorts reality creating illusions that are impossible to materialize.  How could I, through drawing, exalt Nature if it is being showered with blood and tears?  What use would this Art have?  Deceive?  Trick?  Convince me that only my happiness exists?  Art to generate happiness needs to be appreciated by an audience with a critical and sensible taste, because otherwise who would it please?  To the artist only?  However elaborate an artistic production is, it needs to be watered with life, with joy and honesty.  How important is a successful Art built on dead bodies?  What Art could I offer the Muses, since my creation is born out of human sorrows and agonies and not of zeal for life?  What artist would I be if I let myself be led?  I'm an Artist!  I praise life with my Art!  I don't confuse myself with hungry and bloodthirsty vampires.  I cannot accept that extermination policies fall on those who appreciate my work or my own life.  Not even on those who depreciate me, because from these I acquire the counter points of my artistic creation.  Being an Artist, I need those who appreciate me and also those who depreciate me, because out of that dialectic Art is born.  I cannot cover my eyes in the face of the hardships of society, or an authentic artist who lives reality and this could not tell me, today, it is imposing the choice between starving to death in poverty or facing viral lethality.  The two paths lead to death and what would be the use of electing politicians who do not propose directions different from these?  Why choose politicians who lead us to death, preventing Lives and the Arts from manifesting themselves with splendor to reinvigorate the existence of souls in the conduct of life?  When Politics and Economics sustain life, we can make Art by itself, without the responsibility of generating protections against murderers and genocides with political representations and authorities.  Contrary to this, Art would be used to cover up the extermination of innocents, victims of public policies put into practice to satisfy unscrupulous unhappy women who are satisfied with the sadness of others.  Only beings of this kind feel joy in generating chaos, discomfort and take death as something useful to their ambitions.  All we can wish for them is that the divine provides for repayment in the same way that their wills emanate and make decisions.

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 There is a thesis that the human being, since classical antiquity in Greece, has remained the same until then.  
In medieval, gothic, renaissance and baroque times, even with a poetic eye, human cruelty is indisputable according to historical, literary and artistic data.  
The human being may not have changed much, perhaps nothing, but the organization of society has undoubtedly changed and much at least in a general view, with exceptions in ghettos where violence is the rule.  
The difficulties were very difficult to overcome, many paid with their lives for thinking and expressing what they felt. 
 In what we can understand as a civilized world, this human cruelty has become more controllable through civil rights and security systems. 
 A man of the Renaissance, the most mediucre was no less than a great man facing oppression in search of understanding and understanding of Nature.  
The faced adversity, injustices, oppression and the animal nature of the human in the midst of plague and became eternal through the intellect.  
Currently we have many more resources and explanations with the same animal nature, more evolved perhaps.
And in this world where the human frequents millennia, in the midst of so much wildness, he managed to find Beauty and eternalize it through his deeds.

Friday, 12 February 2021

This is space: The End

 In this space: End.  My time for you in this space has come to an end too.  I had no way of avoiding eviction and I will be at the mercy of the struggle for survival on the streets of São Paulo.  Job offers are minimal, in addition to being abusive, exploitative and degrading.  I have no support to maintain the development of my artistic project as I would like.  My resources have been completely depleted.  Social incentives are minimal and restricted.  This facilitates the approach of opportunists and criminals of different species.  The demanding care and necessary health make it even more difficult to find solutions.  Charities and Solidarities are restricted to relationships of affection and professional interests.  Political-economic chaos and the inability to propose solutions or means to alleviate obvious and clear problems.  Transfer of responsibilities and the appointment of “scapegoats”.  Given this context, my own disabilities.  Period of obscure perspectives.  I still have the pencil and the paper to maintain the exercise of Drawing and the excessive access to the internet to publish them, and thus I will remain guided by philosophy.  I hope to survive physically, mentally, morally and spiritually this condition that life imposes on me and many others with expectations of better times.

Wednesday, 3 February 2021


I miss you so much.

As soon as he was born, he was abandoned in the square.  He was adopted and given care and doubled through mistreatment and contempt.  In recent times we have lived together and received from me all the love and affection that he has not had in his entire life.  He went to heaven.
He went to heaven.
It will always be in my heart, impressed on my soul and spirit.

This is my friend "good people" called Shamil, my partner for the last 30 months or so, whom I have as a partner, we share the bed and the space where I am living.  According to his “owner”, he is approximately 16 years old and had a serious accident in the past.  He slipped from a food shelf on top of a stove, falling into a pot of boiling oil, coming close to dying.  As soon as I came to live in this pension I met him.  Gradually we became friends and became attached to each other.  Currently, he is weak, old and in need of all assistance.  His “owner” abandoned him completely, only pleases him under security cameras to show affection for him, but leaves him without water and food and treats him as useless and despicable.  Luckily for him, I take care of his food and give him the affection he likes and needs.  Over the past few days, he has gradually become weak and has trouble breathing.  I looked for his "owner" to report this.  She said she didn't want to know about him.  Today, an acquaintance paid for the vet's consultation, as he felt very bad.  I spoke to her again, who said that I should let him die in the backyard of the pension.  Certainly his life span does not go very far, but as I said, he is “good people”, just like no human would be.  After all, I am in a country where a murderous president like us has no trouble imposing his economic earnings based on the lethality and mortality of people due to Pandemic, and it would not be an old cat to have the attention of those who used him while he was gracious to demonstrate that  they love animals and then let them die the waddle.  I have a belief, that animals of all kinds, are in fact divine "angels" and those who have affection for us "protective angels".  Angels, Cherubs, Seraphim.  Have your time and the least we can do for them is to ease the pain of passing there.  For while human beings kill each other for having more or less something, these "little animals" love us as we are and without measuring the size of the pocket.  If I were really a person, perhaps I would not be my friend, he would despise me, humiliate me, disqualify me, or even wish for my death.  But as an angel, whatever I am, I have his love.

Unlike many, I oppose the idea that other beings other than us humans are spirits in evolution, therefore inferior to us.  This is used as a justification for atrocities in the animal and plant world.  Nor do I have them like us, unlike that I have them as superior to us due to the power to perceive nature with telepathy and sense.  In fact, I consider them divine beings as angels, archangels, seraphim and cherubs.  In the Renaissance period, a Painter needed to reach the contemplative state of irrational animals in order to know how to conceive and appreciate Painting.  However, the conception that they are inferior beings overlaps, even considering the aurea measures in animals and plants in later periods, the mistreatment continues and continues.  Many also justify atrocities against Nature, such as natural selection, justifying the law of the strongest with instinctive intensity.  Intellect, since antiquity, was understood as a differential between human beings in the perception of nature.  In ancient Egypt, animals were considered divine beings.  The Cat was a sacred entity and in the company of Shamil, I was able to find out what gave them this mystical importance of a divine character, I would write a book describing this coexistence, magical for me, because I treated him like people, he treated me like a cat  .  On the first day I returned from a brief trip through Europe, I met him.  Gradually we became friends, we fell in love, and attachment without warning was inevitable.  Since then I started a bibliographic reading of ancient works and texts, which defined the Arts of ancient Egypt to the present day, readings that I am currently in the 16th century.  At the same time I have been trying to put the precepts and concepts of the past into practice, within the temporal, technical and financial limitations.  In this period of September 2018 until then, my companion was Shamil, with whom I talked a lot and I was sure he understood me.  We listened to classical music and slept together.  Somehow, he participated in my creative process, because he spent time looking at my paintings, he looked at me, meowed and kept looking at the paintings.  He was my biggest admirer, fan and character in this process that I develop.  Each drawing or painting I made had its look, its sense of smell.  It caused me a great feeling of satisfaction, pride and happiness.  So I started to treat him as my soul mate, my better half.  I let this world conform.  I read somewhere that cats have great dream experiences, which arouses a lot of curiosity.  I didn't resist it, I let it flow.  Now he is in heaven, his soul has come loose, he has fulfilled his time.  Life here continues.  It is printed in my spirit.

It is necessary to maintain the existence of these little angels that they adorn so well, complement life, our existence.  They are beings with a clean, transparent and pure soul.

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