Saturday, 18 May 2019

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

The STF will soon vote on the decriminalization or not of Cannabis.
Through this contact I argue about it.
I am a user and I defend the recreational and medicinal use of this plant,
Conscious of its effects on the body of people and in the social context cannabis being an existing plant in nature, under no hypothesis human manipulation, it is not fair to be judicially convicted due to the uses that are made of it. Its effects on the body are soothing and muscle relaxants, which causes drowsiness. It also opens the appetite and dilates the bronchi, generating greater oxygenation of the lung. Its natural use benefits lung diseases among other specific ones, besides being used as seasoning in cooking and flavoring. Socially, it is cause for great prejudice without knowledge of cause, which generates moral and physical violence.
In other drugs, its effects are derisory, with side effects inferior to cigarettes and alcohol, and a possibility of treatment of chemical addictions by substitution. Undoubtedly all excess is harmful and moderate use will depend on individual awareness and legislative regulation. Its prudence will extend the labor market from planting to the product on the market within quality standards and products and services that will extend in many ways.
The trade and use of cannabis, as well as weakening criminal organizations, will eliminate prejudices that justify violence and social exclusion without parameters.
I therefore call for Cannabis to be decriminalized, not necessarily liberated. DESCRIBED ONLY.
It is not just drug status its use in nature, if it exists in Nature is of Divine creation, and that which is of Divine creation does not justify being condemned by human criteria. Still less be grounds for prejudices that are of human characteristics.
I leave here my certain appeal that the STF will make the decisions with due justice.

Marcelo Peres

Monday, 1 April 2019

The ONG Sampa Pé (, with the support of PARTIO (  e Mobilize ( withou my consent and authorization has been using images of my work in their media content, with the intention of associating with them. I do not know these people, nor do I have an interest. Thus clarifies that the ONG Sampa Pe, has political party purposes, in fact linked to the PT and related groups. People like these, make the Brazilian's Ethics fall into disrepute. These organizations, patronized by politicians and parties defeated in the last elections, desperately override civil and constitutional rights in an attempt to maintain their political privileges. Regrettably, tipis of people like these use of traffic of political influence to approve their projects without any criterion of evaluation. Such things must be eliminated so that we can expect a fairer and more honest country.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

finibus spatii aetherium

hoc spatio invisibilis inter nos

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

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Saturday, 5 January 2019

Friday, 4 January 2019

Color off

Look, the elements of Art used as political representations by opposition. I want to remember that elements of the Art were used as political references by the Nazis. In Brazil this resource has been used as an Opposition. Art is self-transformation tool, in no hypothesis political attack tool. Simply in Brazil, every color theory studied over the centuries has been misrepresented to be used as an ideological weapon by anti-government policies. Brazil has been recreating the meanings of colors without considering its real materiality. What will I do, an Artist of traces and colors after this re-creation, and that every color I use to express myself is interpreted, according to political expediency? Please leave the colors to us Artists, use the tools of your own activities of interest. Do not imprison us with concepts without foundation. Do not use the elements of Art to hide your incompetence. This only demonstrates what justified the defeat in the polls of PT rhetoric and associates. Play with the role of yourselves without appropriating what you do not know!

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Marcelo Peres compartilhou o seguinte arquivo:
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Friday, 30 November 2018


Actually Facebook's security system is indeed vulnerable. You can not identify devices with the same system and model of mobile device. I believe it to be so on purpose, facilitating account raids as well as manipulation of data for advertising purposes. It is not advisable to use Facebook through mobile phones. Facebook does not have security features for mobile devices like mobile phones. This is understandable, being that Facebook needs to lease the satellite signal fortunately, because if it is not so, the webmaster of Facebook unscrupulously handled the signal in a complete way of users.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018


I will need to delete this Facebook account, unfortunately facebook does not have the resources or use my faith to guarantee user privacy. I believe that Facebook does not have competent team to administer the social network besides programming little efficient. I hope to solve the questions that I presented to solve. If they remain in negligence, I will be forced to delete my profile to preserve myself.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Sunday, 28 October 2018

  Como Artista, meu posicionamento politico é de total neutralidade, com o proposito de zelar pela Liberdade plena de expressao, comunicacao e de ir, e vir. Espero e gostaria nao ser tachado de Fascista ou Comunista por me aproximar das partes. Espero que o candidato eleito caminhe nos trilhos da Constituicao; Brasileira, e com bom senso, pratique politicas de conciliacao e reconciliacao calcados pela Paz. Zelo para que os Recursos Publicos, sejam utilizados com mais propriedade, otimizados e melhor distribuidos, alem de gerar prosperidade a todos sem excecao. Sou otimista e acredito que é meu dever seguir nos trilhos da Justica independente de crencas ou conviccoes. Boa Sorte para todos nos com o proximo Governo eleito.

In the Cultural Policy of the PT, the criterion of choosing who is or is not Artist or would have support of the Government were projects that represented the party interests of the PT, in the mold of Nazism. Many artists have benefited from this practice and have determined that those who do not follow PT party determinations could not in fact be Artists simply because they do not submit to the PT's ideological project. At the present time, these pseudo artists in militancy and pro-corruption political activism, see investing in the vandals against voters and Artists like myself, who do not subject myself to the impositions of the PT. Fortunately, the demagoguery and the reversal of the PT's ethical values ​​were defeated at the polls. It is understandable that they are with the grudge exhaling through the pores, after all, they will not be able to exercise command power with the support of the PT. I hope that these pseudo artists financed to do the party publicity of the PT in the mold of Nazism, in fact do Art to justify themselves, therefore, being an artist and saying what is art through partisan politics is very easy, especially when using the Poverty to determine the best.

As an Artist, my political position is of total neutrality, with the purpose of watching over freedom of expression, communication and coming and going. I expect and I would not be labeled Fascist or Communist for approaching the parts. I hope that the elected candidate will follow the guidelines of the Brazilian Constitution, and with good sense practice policies of conciliation and reconciliation, which are based on Peace. So that Public Resources is used more properly, optimized and better distributed, besides generating prosperity for all no exception. I am optimistic and I believe it is my duty to follow the path of Justice regardless of beliefs or convictions. Good Luck for all of us with the next elected government.

Na Política Cultural do PT, o critério de escolha de quem é ou não Artista ou teria apoio do Governo foram projetos que representavam os interesses partidários do PT, nos moldes do nazismo. Muitos artistas se beneficiaram dessa prática e determinaram que aqueles que não seguem as determinações partidárias do PT não poderiam ser de fato Artistas simplesmente porque não se submetem ao projeto ideológico do PT. Na atualidade, esses pseudo-artistas em militância e ativismo político pró-corrupção, veem-se investindo nos vândalos contra eleitores e artistas como eu, que não se sujeitam às imposições do PT. Felizmente, a demagogia e a inversão dos valores éticos do PT foram derrotados nas urnas. É compreensível que eles estejam com o ressentimento dos poros, afinal, eles não serão capazes de exercer o poder de comando com o apoio do PT. Espero que esses pseudo artistas financiados para fazer a publicidade partidária do PT nos moldes do nazismo, na verdade façam Art para justificar-se, pois, sendo um artista e dizendo o que é arte através da política partidária é muito fácil, principalmente quando se usa o Pobreza para determinar o melhor.

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In Barcelona, in the Hostel where I was staying, while I was sleeping, they stole my cellular device. Unfortunately I will not be able to do publications on my social networks. I registered the suit with the Barcelona police. Unfortunately cases like this have been occurring in Europe's capitals. It is not only in Brazil that cases like this occur. Unfortunately.

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