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Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Perform pictures is a practice that I refuse flatly due to the fact not only a matter of technical skill, is a psychological and psychoanalytical question. It produces in me emotions, feelings, desires, and somehow my mind understands what is real image to which I dedicate to represent through art. When performing a picture my subconscious absorbs the shapes of women who become desires in my mind. The wonder of all ways. What wonder if the surface reality. This is a problem only when I have an image type on the Internet as a reference without the slightest sure my wishes come true. So I refuse to carry pictures to be an artistic genre that absorbs me. Art in me is not only a professional matter, a way to prosper or improve technical, art in me is visceral. Independent of any recognition of the art market, theoretical or critical. I intensely alive the art that I'm producing. It is complete dive. How could I just make pictures of anyone who poses for me without compromise? Impossible! So I do not realize pictures unless I dispose myself to dive into the possibility of performing in reality. Who could pose for me aware of this property of my mind without the risk of compromising? How could I expect or charge any form of commitment? Ideally not do portraits. However dedicate myself to his picture. A incognita. Production Pictures awakens my desires and passion.

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