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Wednesday, 17 July 2019


Completion Text of the Postgraduate Discipline (1st Sem. 2019).
ECA USP Visual Arts: Painting in Question
Orientation: Marco Garaude Giannotti


Marcelo Rodrigues Peres

       The Arts over time remain in constant restarts. In the reflection of its actuality, it refers to the past and recreates the present, as reaffirmation or rupture. Among the artistic languages, Painting remains a timeless expression. From its beginnings to the present through its elements, the intention to represent the unseen holds in many ways, with or without scientific foundations. Art and Science are autonomous, but contribute to the understanding and understanding of what we can understand as reality. The Renaissance rescued Greco-Roman canons, the Baroque emerged as a break. Neo Classicism, rescued the Renaissance, Impressionism was based on science, then Cubism plus the Vanguards of the early twentieth century broke once again with the past and maintain ramifications of their foundations until then.
       Reality as we perceive, feel and represent it is far beyond the possibilities of perception. A multidimensional universe reveals itself with the advances of astronomy, thus contradicting our conception of space and time, amid fragments of fragments that are interconnected by algorithms. In this context of artificial intelligence, what is Painting in Art proposed for? Possibly a mere illustration of this virtual reality, where colors are binary codes that give us a certain feel used for a specific purpose on the web.
       A challenge is projected: to determine the artistic function of Painting in the virtual environment, the main element that characterizes it is Color. No longer as a pigment or dye fixed by binders on wood, paper or fabric supports, but as algorithmic codes, which in origin are abstractions. The Work of Art is subject to electronic and digital devices as a support or mechanism of advertising projections in mobile shop windows.
       In the Work below, prepared by Sequences performed by repeated gestures from reflections on the possibilities of connection forms. The straight line as a geometric expression is intended as an interpretative representation, filling spaces through compositions that suggest hatches to determine color planes and provide movement of the look or retina in order to achieve set synthesis. A graphical representation of defragmentation, facing the tangle of information and fragments contained and stored in the Web system.

Image: Author: Marcelo Peres.
Title: Sequence IV. T
 Acrylic without screen. 95x66 Cms. Year: 2018

       Art demands for itself an existence through its elements and conceptual autonomy, and Painting as Color needs to materialize, to become visible through the matter that has determined the 21st century: Mathematical binary codes. Algorithms.

Sao Paulo, July 16, 2019

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