Seul(e) Alone

Friday, 4 January 2019

Color off

Look, the elements of Art used as political representations by opposition. I want to remember that elements of the Art were used as political references by the Nazis. In Brazil this resource has been used as an Opposition. Art is self-transformation tool, in no hypothesis political attack tool. Simply in Brazil, every color theory studied over the centuries has been misrepresented to be used as an ideological weapon by anti-government policies. Brazil has been recreating the meanings of colors without considering its real materiality. What will I do, an Artist of traces and colors after this re-creation, and that every color I use to express myself is interpreted, according to political expediency? Please leave the colors to us Artists, use the tools of your own activities of interest. Do not imprison us with concepts without foundation. Do not use the elements of Art to hide your incompetence. This only demonstrates what justified the defeat in the polls of PT rhetoric and associates. Play with the role of yourselves without appropriating what you do not know!

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