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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

The STF will soon vote on the decriminalization or not of Cannabis.
Through this contact I argue about it.
I am a user and I defend the recreational and medicinal use of this plant,
Conscious of its effects on the body of people and in the social context cannabis being an existing plant in nature, under no hypothesis human manipulation, it is not fair to be judicially convicted due to the uses that are made of it. Its effects on the body are soothing and muscle relaxants, which causes drowsiness. It also opens the appetite and dilates the bronchi, generating greater oxygenation of the lung. Its natural use benefits lung diseases among other specific ones, besides being used as seasoning in cooking and flavoring. Socially, it is cause for great prejudice without knowledge of cause, which generates moral and physical violence.
In other drugs, its effects are derisory, with side effects inferior to cigarettes and alcohol, and a possibility of treatment of chemical addictions by substitution. Undoubtedly all excess is harmful and moderate use will depend on individual awareness and legislative regulation. Its prudence will extend the labor market from planting to the product on the market within quality standards and products and services that will extend in many ways.
The trade and use of cannabis, as well as weakening criminal organizations, will eliminate prejudices that justify violence and social exclusion without parameters.
I therefore call for Cannabis to be decriminalized, not necessarily liberated. DESCRIBED ONLY.
It is not just drug status its use in nature, if it exists in Nature is of Divine creation, and that which is of Divine creation does not justify being condemned by human criteria. Still less be grounds for prejudices that are of human characteristics.
I leave here my certain appeal that the STF will make the decisions with due justice.

Marcelo Peres

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