Seul(e) Alone

Monday, 5 March 2018

The dissatisfaction with Expressionist languages ​​before the possible representation of the Web universe, generated in me a long reflection on expressions and geometric forms. Starting from this dissatisfaction due to the emotional intensity of this language, geometric forms arise as a possibility of representation of degrees of virtual rationality, ie, plausibility connection between sensible apprehension of reality, geometric elements, or elementary forms in the representation of the straight line and the territory virtual network. The lack of a straight line in nature suggests a fictional aspect in the use of design compared to virtual fictionality through the infinite combinations of mathematical binary codes that make virtual interaction palpable. Under classical parameters in conceptualizing the design concept I refer to the "Cosa Mentale" formulated in the Treaty of Painting of Leonardo da Vinci and Point and Line in the Plan of Kandinsky. In this process, the objective is to construct the straight line without the use of precision instruments extending it in the space of the support in the limit of the material used and the reach of the gesture of the artist like institution itself. The repetition of the gesture in the spontaneous composition. As an initial motivation, the figurative as a perception of the sociocultural and psychological context which intends an abstract representation of the connection between physical and virtual matter, before the reflection on the art in the actuality. The figurative, landscape, daily and portrait representation, in the traditional way to reach abstraction through the straight line as a form in itself, thus determines the color choices and color planes in space based on the debate between Goethe and Schopenhauer on the Color.

Marcelo Peres

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